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Your 5-month-old will keep his hands busy during most of his waking hours. He'll enjoy interacting with strangers, but he'll prefer his parents. Have fun playing. 

Things You'll Need

  • Baby Swings
  • Squeaky Toys For A Baby
  • Baby Rattles
  • Baby Toys
  • Plush Toys


  • Keep a collection of small toys in his crib. He'll probably choose a favorite one and also be able to recognize a new one when it's placed in the crib.

  • Encourage him to play with rattles and squeak toys. As he gets older, he'll learn that certain actions work best with certain toys: rattles are to shake and squeak toys are for squeezing.

  • Get a roly-poly toy, one that rights itself when knocked over. He'll enjoy experimenting with how it responds to his actions.

  • Place him in an infant swing. When he swings back, say "goodbye," and then tell him "hello" when he swings forward. After a while he'll be able to recognize that different-sounding words have different meanings.

Tips & Warnings

  • Let your baby be your guide when selecting activities: What new skills is he working on? What sorts of toys engage his attention? What makes him smile?
  • If a particular activity seems stressful or frustrating, stop and give it a try another day.
  • Remember that all babies develop at different speeds, usually with spurts and plateaus.
  • Consult with your pediatrician if you have any concerns about your baby's development.

Watching your baby grow is fun and fascinating. She learns something new seemingly every day. She becomes more active and energetic, mastering physical and cognitive skills.
Every baby develops a little bit differently: Expect to see several exciting skills during the fifth month as you track his progress. Since each new skill builds on the others, encourage mastery through games and activities. 

Mastered Skills

By the fifth month, she distinguishes between brilliant, bold primary and secondary colors. She plays with her fingers and toes. Her motor skills are developing and she deliberately plays with toys, grabs and grasps objects, crumples paper and splashes the bath water. She enjoys cuddling, bathing and dressing, and expects to be fed.

Emerging Skills

He recognizes his name and turns toward new sounds. He starts rolling in both directions. By month's end, he is adept at rolling and begins to push himself up on his hands and knees. He may briefly sit unsupported and with your help, he may even try to stand up. He becomes interested in noisy, shiny toys, and can connect actions to results. For instance, he learns which button produces which noise.

Advanced Skills

She begins to mouth objects. This activity helps her learn through touch and taste.

She recognizes her mother and becomes distressed and clingy when you leave her sight (separation anxiety). She distinguishes between familiar people and strangers and responds differently to each. Similar to separation anxiety is object permanence. She understands that objects still exist, even though she cannot see them. She will look for objects to return.

She will start to babble most vowel sounds and many of the consonants like baba, mama and dada. She watches your mouth move and tries to imitate words.

Encouraging Development

To encourage his senses of touch, sight and sound, give toys he can bang, chew or suck on that are textured and noisy. Stacking toys encourage his perception and develop eye-hand coordination.

Separation anxiety necessitates your letting her know to trust you to return. Each time you leave, say good-bye, and tell her that you will come back. Play peek-a-boo, covering your face then showing her that you are still there. Playing hide and seek with her toys encourages object permanence.

Talk to him in full, simple sentences. Sit him facing you so that he can watch your lips when you speak. He will attempt to copy your mouth movements to make the sounds.


Your baby's first tooth may push through his gums between 4 and 7 months. The front two bottom teeth are first, followed by the four front upper teeth four to eight weeks later. In another month after that, she will get two more bottom teeth.


At this age, your baby is aware of his comfort. Clothing should allow plenty of freedom of movement. Consider two-piece outfits: A squirming, active baby may become tangled up in a sleeper. Cover his feet with booties or socks because all the wiggling means his feet may rub against rough carpet or flooring.

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