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At 10 months, new toy-playing and toy-sharing activities will capture your baby's interest the most. She's also looking for variety in what she sees and does. Enjoy helping her grow. 

At 10 months, new toy-playing and toy-sharing activities will capture your baby's interest the most. She's also looking for variety in what she sees and does. Enjoy helping her grow. 

Things You'll Need

  • Ball For A Baby
  • Children's Puzzles
  • Toy Blocks
  • Toy Car
  • Toy Phones


  • Show her how to push a small car or truck along the floor. After a while, she'll learn to let go so that the car rolls by itself.
  • Play "follow the leader"; she'll love to imitate. Use simple gestures like tapping the table, opening and closing your fist, or putting a hat on your head. Talk about what you're doing so she can learn the words.
  • Talk to her on a real or play phone. She'll learn the fun of carrying on a conversation.
  • Go outside: She'll enjoy putting leaves, twigs or toys in a pail. At this stage, she'll enjoy putting things into other things.
  • Put a small toy inside a paper bag or box. As she struggles to get it, she'll increase her understanding of inside and out.
  • Build her a tower of blocks. She will enjoy watching them wobble and tumble.
  • Reserve a cabinet for her toys; putting them away can be half the fun.
  • Help her blow bubbles using a straw in her bathwater. You blow, and see if she'll imitate you.

At 10 months, your baby is still young enough to be a helpless infant, but old enough to interact with you in simple, fulfilling ways. No two babies develop at exactly the same pace or reach milestones at the same time. For example, a baby who is advanced in motor skills may be a bit slower in language, or vice-versa. Still, once your baby turns 10 months, there are several new skills you can expect her to learn some time in the next one to three months.


At this age, your baby will understand a few words, such as the names of people he sees every day and "no," according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. He might wave when you say "bye bye" or shake his head when he's protesting. If he falls he might say "uh oh."

Motor Skills

Between 10 to 12 months your baby will sit up on his own without falling over and pull himself up into a standing position, according to the Mayo Clinic. He may also develop new ways of getting around the house, such as creeping or "cruising" by hanging on to furniture.

Hand-Eye Coordination

Expect your baby to bang things together and to learn to grasp small objects, such as pieces of food, between her thumb and forefinger, the CDC says. She might start exploring her environment in new ways, such as throwing things or shaking them.


From the age of 10 to 12 months, the Mayo Clinic explains, a baby starts to learn that things it can't see still exist (for example, if you walk to another room, you are still in the house). Your baby might also start imitating your actions and pointing to objects when you say their names.

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